New 2023 Nissan Rogue Sport Reviews

2023 Nissan Rogue Sport Reviews

2023 Nissan Rogue Sport – Nissan’s Rogue Sport, named Qashqai in the global market, is a popular little CUV, but it desperately needs a serious makeover despite selling well.

Fortunately for its loyal customer base, this Japanese car manufacturer is preparing the next chapter of the Rogue Sports story.

It will join many redesigned offerings such as the regular Rogue (X-Trail) 2023, Pathfinder, Navara, Frontier, Ariya, and 400Z sports cars in Nissan’s rejuvenated range.

2023 Nissan Rogue Sport

2023 Nissan Rogue Sport
2023 Nissan Rogue Sport

We conclude the New Nissan Rogue 2023 is better in every way than its predecessor, which boasts well for its smaller siblings.

Named the Qashqai globally, the Rogue Sport is preparing to return for the second generation and cross-referencing a fully camouflaged prototype image released by Nissan with changes recently made to the larger Rogue giving us an accurate picture of what to expect from the popular crossover when it lands.

Built on a new modular platform shared with the a-mentioned Rogue, Rogue Sport remains largely a European product.

It was designed in a Nissan studio in central London and engineered at the Nissan Technical Centre Europe. As indicated by the English spelling for the center, it is also located in the UK.

It’s lighter than outgoing models thanks to several weight-saving measures such as doors, fenders, and hoods made with aluminum and rear hatches manufactured using composite materials. It’s 41% stiff too.

A spy photographer recently snapped the test donkey of a redesigned little crossover revealing his slim new proportions.

Its front fascia will likely wear a sizeable grille flanked by low-mounted headlights and thin LED daytime running lights. At the back, horizontal lights remain but look slimmer and more contoured than those worn by current models.

Like the latest Juke and the larger Rogue, sport wears bold new frontal graphics with dynamic led headlights in the shape of boomerangs, V-Motion corporate grilles, and clam hoods.

Mandatory plastic cladding ‘SUV effect’ is evident around lower air dams, curved mold wheels, and rocker panels, while views from the side are chiseled and taut without being too fussy.

2023 Nissan Rogue Sport Specs

Nissan is keeping full technical specifications under wraps. However, it says motorists in Europe will be required to choose between a 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine equipped with lightweight hybrid technology and a hybrid system commonly called e-Power. Gasoline-electric technology could find its way to Rogue Sport in the United States, too.

Front-wheel drive will become standard, and all-wheel drive will be offered at an additional cost. The front-wheel-drive model will reach buyers with a torque beam rear axle, while a more advanced multi-link configuration will accompany the all-wheel-drive system.

Interestingly, ordering a front-wheel drive and an optional 20-inch alloy wheel opens the latter suspension. Keep in mind these specifications apply to European markets, however.

A Nissan Ariya EV hints towards the back, with a swept rear quarter glass and a highly racked display panel with contrasting black trim.

A thin LED taillight stretches horizontally across the hatch, although they won’t look as radical as they look on other Nissans these days.

2023 Nissan Rogue Sport Interior

2023 Nissan Rogue Sport Interior
2023 Nissan Rogue Sport Interior

One of the criticisms of today’s cars is that the interior is cheap and not very cheerful. To be sure, Nissan is working hard for their latest interior plant, and rogue sport will benefit greatly.

Expect lots of the same content and styles to filter from the larger Rogue/X-Trail. Items will include a digital instrument cluster, a heads-up display, a 9.0-inch floating tablet-style infotainment screen (HUD) with apple car play wireless, a surround display monitor, and wireless charging.

Nissan’s enhanced ProPilot version will bring adaptive cruise control and improved lane-keeping capabilities that use navigation-based data to reduce curve speeds and increasingly high highway intersections.

This level of driver-assist functionality is often reserved for luxury cars. It added another layer of safety to complement the expanded rollout of Nissan’s 360 Safety Shield driver assistance range.

Rogue Sport will ride on the latest version of the CMF-C/D platform that underpins a myriad of other Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Renault products. Safer safety cells and guided suspension improve occupant protection and dynamic capabilities, as will all-wheel drive availability.

Gasoline power will be the main source of propulsion from the launch. The current inline-four 2.0-liter model will carry it over with Nissan’s less beloved continuous variable transmission (CVT).

The conjecture suggests that light hybrid options and a 48-volt plug-in hybrid will be available on the track, highlighting Japan’s marque push against electrification and bounce out of diesel in certain markets.

Nissan Rogue Sport Rivals

Nissan’s small crossover certainly won’t be easy as it sits in a very dense segment occupied by viable alternatives.

These include Mazda’s CX-30, Honda’s HR-V, Subaru XV/Crosstrek, Toyota C-HR, Kia Soul and Seltos, Hyundai Kona and Venue, Skoda Karoq, and Volkswagen T-Roc.

2023 Nissan Rogue Sport Release Date

Nissan will unveil a third-generation Qashqai in the coming weeks, meaning the second-generation Rogue Sport is right around the corner. We expect the crossover will reach showrooms in early 2022 as a 2023 model.

Nissan Rogue Sport SV AWD Walk Around

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