All-New Nissan GTR 2021 Concept, Price

All-New Nissan GTR 2021 Concept, Price

All-New Nissan GTR 2021  – The Nissan GT-R has been there since the end of 2007 and that makes it one of the oldest cars sold today. It has been fresh several times during an amazingly long life cycle, but it still has a 12-year bone.

The subsequent incarnation of Godzilla has been in the works for some time, but it looks like we won’t see R36 anytime soon. Top Gear has a chat with the board member of Nissan responsible for planning, Philippe Klein, who is willing to talk a little about the supercar and why we should be patient.

All-New Nissan GTR 2021 Concept, Price

All-New Nissan GTR 2021 Concept, Price
All-New Nissan GTR 2021 Concept, Price

Nissan GTR 2021 Powertrain

Klein went on to determine engineers Working different options As far as the powertrain is concerned, adding that regulation is a major factor.

Reading between lines, it could mean the new GT-R will be electrically in one way or another to meet the strictest laws regarding emissions. Klein says Nissan is “defend the sports car ” in the sense they do the best they can to stay alive and for this reason, the engineers develop R36 to adhere to strict regulations.

Weight is obviously a concern considering today the GT-R is not exactly the lightest supercar out there. For example, the 2019 US-spec GT-R Pure model tip scales a large and strong 3,929 pounds (1,782 kilograms). Electrifying Coupe will gain weight, but Klein says the GT-R hybrid will not have a negative impact on how the car drives.

Just as the transition from R34 to R35 comes with major changes, R36 is expected to have significant technical modifications compared to current aging cars. When will the next generation finally arrive? Only Nissan knows it.

Meanwhile, the iconic nameplate celebrates its 50-year anniversary at the New York Auto Show today with a special edition featuring visual tweaks. The Flagship GT-R NISMO also attended the 2020 event in a pseudonym with several mechanical revisions and minor weight loss.

Nissan GTR 2021 Exterior

Nissan GTR 2021 Exterior
Nissan GTR 2021 Exterior

All-New Nissan GTR 2021 Concept, Price

The next generation in 2021 of the Nissan GT-R is still a few years away from its debut, and a long wait just seems to add fuel to the fire for designers imagining how it might look. In this case, Enoch Gabriel Gonzales took a stab at coming up with a fresh form of this glorified sports Coupe.

Gonzales ‘ mixed form of the element from the present GT-R, Italdesign GT-R50, and just a little of the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision of Gran Turismo.

In front, there is a large hexagonal lattice with a V-shape accent of the trademark in it. Angular headlights add to evolve further into the face of the vehicle, and Gonzales attaches to the LEDs stretching along with the Fender.

In the profile, there are many sharp folds, and their points lead the eye backward. The backlight is a traditional GT-R double circular lamp, and the Quad pipes echo their shape echoes.

Nissan GTR 2021 Interior

Nissan GTR 2021 Interior
Nissan GTR 2021 Interior

Speculation currently puts the new GT-R debut in the first half of the 2020s. Design chief Nissan Alfonso Albaisa promises the latest generation to be the “fastest supercar in the world. ” However, he also said that there is no final design for the Coupe but because the company is still engineering engine and platform.

Nissan GTR 2021 Engine

The next GT-R may get an electrification rate to improve the combustion engine. The engine allegedly 3.0-liter twin-Turbo V6 with the design taking inspiration from the company LMP1 GT-R car racing.

“The 3.0-liter V6 [of the car LMP1] is a kind of true God-child, the road-going GT-R, ” Nissan exec Shiro Nakamura said in an interview. “This is actually an early ancestor of what will be the future of the Nissan GT-R engine. “

Until the new GT-R arrives, the Nissan GT-R50 makes the model fresh. At about $1,120,000, the mighty supercars were expensive, but the company just built 50 of them, indicating they could be a future collector of items.

The Power comes from an upgraded version of the 3.8-liter Twin-Turbo V6 which now makes 710 horsepower and 481 pound-foot torque.


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