2024 Nissan Xterra: Bringing Back a Tougher Compact SUV

2024 Nissan Xterra

The 2024 Nissan Xterra is a compact pickup truck-based SUV developed, assembled, and manufactured in the United States.

Before we discuss the arrival of the Nissan Xterra 2024, let’s walk through the story of the Xterra that has not greeted us in a long time. The previous Xterra model has been present in the first two generations, from 2000 to 2015.

2024 Nissan Xterra

2024 Nissan Xterra
2024 Nissan Xterra

Finally, after a long rest, the Nissan Xterra is rumored to be back with a stricter redesign and is equipped with a digital presence and will provide extraordinary off-road performance. The Nissan Xterra is likely to be launched in 2024.

According to the scattered news and some digital images circulating, it can be seen that the Nissan Xterra that will be present this time adopts the Style of the Nissan Frontier and will be placed under the Nissan Rogue.

This model has a good chance of returning to the field, especially with the idea of defeating rivals such as the Ford Bronco Sport and Jeep Compas.

The presence this time may not differ too much from the last model of the Xterra, but improvements in various aspects will undoubtedly occur because the SUV needs to be adapted to the development and circumstances of the times.

Previously, the Nissan Xterra relied heavily on impressive off-road capabilities, a multi-functional interior with innovative cargo features, and the availability of a manual transmission.

In addition, the previous model also has slowness, such as handling when driving feels a little awkward, less fuel efficient, and interior design and materials that look a little old-fashioned.

We hope that the advantages it has can continue to be maintained and improved at the arrival of Xterra 2024 this time. As for its weaknesses, we hope to be corrected them so that later it provides an even better driving experience.

2024 Nissan Xterra Interior

On this arrival, the Nissan Xterra will offer less interior space. The cabin is elegantly designed and modern to fit the times.

The ingredients used are high-quality materials. Some chrome elements will also be added and credited with improvements.

This SUV with a two-row interior for five passengers will also have new seats. The interior is also equipped with innovative cargo features that make it more versatile. The storage space owned by the Nissan Xterra is also quite satisfying.

The 2024 Nissan Xterra in the X trim will likely come standard with rear privacy glass, roof rack side rails, upholstery, 60/40 folding rear seats, adjustable steering wheel, and an adjustable driver’s seat, adjustable height, and waist seat, as well as 16-inch alloy wheels.

2024 Nissan Xterra Interior
2024 Nissan Xterra Interior

Features and Technology

Some of the features and technologies that the 2024 Nissan Xterra offers include the main things that can support driving comfort.

These things, especially in the X trim, provide complete power accessories, Air Conditioner, cruise control, Bluetooth phone connectivity, a 6-speaker CD audio system, and other additional inputs.

In addition, when referring to the features of the previous model, the 2024 Nissan Xterra will also offer a 5-inch center display screen, Bluetooth streaming audio, USB or iPod interface, satellite radio, Bluetooth streaming audio, and Nissan Connect smartphone application integration that includes facebook connectivity, iHeartRadio, hands-free text messaging, and Pandora.

This model also provides a P3K box and an “Easy Clean” cargo area that makes it easier when we wash it. The S four Wheel drive also acquired a roof-mounted gear basket (optional) and a front Crane hook.

Even the Hard-Core Pro-4X has a hill start assistance along with downhill control. Fog lights, automatic headlights, and off-road driving roof lights are also available. In addition, the front seats are also heated, and the ride will be enjoyable, accompanied by the excellent Rockford Footage 9 speaker sound system.

Finally, we need to know that this model has a 10-foot folding tent connected to a hatch with free-standing capabilities. This becomes one of the many options installed by dealers.

Nissan Xterra Performance

The 2024 Nissan Xterra looks set to come with incredible off-road capability. In addition, the ride is also relatively safe with safety in the form of anti-lock disc brakes, stability control, front-seat side airbags, and side curtain airbags.

The Nissan Xterra is also great at testing frontal-offset collisions and moderate overlapping side impacts. So is the strength of the roof. The test is based on the previous model.

2024 Nissan Xterra Exterior

2024 Nissan Xterra Exterior
2024 Nissan Xterra Exterior

If we look at the exterior, the 2024 Nissan Xterra will undoubtedly look tougher than before, shown with a classic on-frame body design.

This model is designed as a four-door SUV with a rearview mirror equipped with an automatic dimmer and is more stylish. The wheels are made of steel with a size of 16 inches when following the wheels of the previous model.

2024 Nissan Xterra Engine

The 2024 Nissan Xterra engine that is most likely to adopt from Nissan Frontier will use a 6 3.8 Liter V engine with a power equivalent to 310 horsepower and a nine-speed automatic transmission.

However, there is also news that the V 6 engine is optional, and the smaller 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine should be standard.


The 2024 Nissan Xterra won’t just shine after a long time of not greeting the market. There will be many rivals to beat to win the hearts of customers.

Some models that seem to be the most conspicuous competitors to the Nissan Xterra are the Jeep Compas, Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco Sport, and Mazda CX 50.

2024 Nissan Xterra Price and Release Date

The 2024 Nissan Xterra, with a variety of new design allegations that are tougher, elegant, and modern in terms of exterior and interior, is likely to make sense when priced at $30,000.

However, the price is still a quick calculation result without being sure of its correctness. As for the release date, the Nissan Xterra is expected to enter the market in 2023 as a 2024 model year.

Because there are still some details and release dates that have not been officially announced, we only hope that the company can preach certainty.

And we believe the 2024 Nissan Xterra will be better presented from all sides to provide a more impressive driving experience for loyal fans.

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