2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Price, Review, Concept

2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Price, Review, Concept

2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Price, Review, Concept – The last time we saw these two doors of beauty was in 2002 with S15, and we thought the time was right for a follow-up of 2021 S16 generations to complement the performance of the Japanese automobile offerings.

We know we’re definitely not alone in that, and indeed, the next-gen Silvia is expected to demonstrate in its concept form at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Unfortunately, such a creation never appears, but don’t be afraid, because we do a little chin scratching, compiling the features above the rendering, and writing speculative following reviews to help bridge the gap.

2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Price, Review, Concept

2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Price, Review, Concept
2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Price, Review, Concept

It’s been more than 15 years since the S15 little dust, so follow-up has a little catching to do. However, we think Nissan has the right thing to make it work. Read on to take us on it.

2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Price, Review, Concept

One of the things that makes Nissan Silvia so darn interesting is the way it looks, with its wide, low stance that manages to add the smoothness of Audi to the retrained improvement of its relatively expanded wheelbase. We went with a popular two-door Coupe body style for our rendering, but a convertible option would also definitely be in the world of possibilities for new-gen Silvia. Our rendering inspiration includes the current production of brand vehicles, such as centers, Altima, and GT-R, as well as concepts such as the study Sports sedan from 2014.

Starting in the front, we found S16 Silvia got the latest Nissan sign design language, the most obvious is the great V-Motion Grille in Fascia. This is a common characteristic among all the latest models of Nissan, and in our case rendered Silvia, it helps to lengthen the character line in the hood deep into the front Bumper with brushed metal surrounds. The smooth lattice insert mesh gets black finishing, matching with the black that connects the “Vee ” between the headlights.

Speaking of lights, S16 gets a slender plumper unit that looks as if they evolved from the S15 ‘s lights. LEDs are the technology of choice here, from the main front illumination to the lights running in the daytime signatures. Lower in the bumper, you’ll find a fog light located on the Aero Blade piece, equipped with a prominent bottom Splitter element. Don’t forget the required “S ” Lightning Mark badge on the nose.

Moving sideways, we see a prominent front Fender that descends into a hard-angle character line leading to a stretched side skirt. On top of the side, the skirt is a pair of complementary character lines aimed at the front Fender to add a visual sweep to the car’s attitude. The wheels are large, 18 inches from the factory, and come wrapped in a wide, sticky summer rubber as an option without charge. The greenhouse is placed towards the rear of the body, emphasizing the hood of the car and the Coupe-cut to the roof.

On the back, we expect a small luggage space, most likely with a trailing fine edge spoiler. A sizable diffuser will help Aero too and comes with polished duo exhaust Tips. The back lamp will be slim and triangular in shape.

We also expect Nissan to offer S16 with an improved Aero pack for fans looking for a little more visual punch. Finally, we expect a rather compact exterior dimension, measuring in a bit larger than the current 370Z, but not so big ranking as a full mid-size offer.

While it is uncertain what direction Nissan will take when it comes time to design S16. The interior layout, we think it’s quite safe to look at the GT-R when looking for clues. We also think Nissan will tweak it a bit at Silvia S16, delivering more than a comfortable, GT-style vibe compared to the technology-laden Godzilla.

2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Interior

2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Interior
2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Interior

We thought the 2 + 2 seating arrangement was a different possibility, with the front that boasted a highly supported sports chair to keep the passengers in place while placing the Coupe through the steps. Carbon fibers, brushed aluminum, and Alcantara will definitely make a list of ingredients, while options will include the skin.

Infotainment equipment will be impressive. The dashboard will be an Infotainment upgrade reading with a certain amount of data on all sorts of performance parameters, including G-meters, boost levels, lap timers, and more. This touch screen should also be equipped with a navigation option and Bluetooth support.

First and foremost, the S16 Silvia will be the front engine and the RWD. This is an important longer drivetrain layout for the nameplate, and Nissan would be stupid to change it. In addition, we expect a four-cylinder engine with a considerable amount of thrust added through the use of turbochargers. The displacement machine must be slot in on the 2.0-liter Mark, although the base model with a more economical 1.8-liter engine will make sense to help improve the lineup.

The past few years also saw the Internet rumors Mill’s churn Out report that the new Nissan Silvia is coming up with a variable compression engine VC-T, similar to what Infiniti uses for the latest QX crossover models. It would also be a viable option for Silvia, just so long as it generates the right amount of motivation when you put your foot down.

2021 Nissan Silvia S16 Powertrain

Speaking of which, we think about 275 to 300 horsepower for the top-Trim model will feel right, and 175 horsepower to Trim level down if that turns out to be something. Routing it all to the rear axle will be both manual and automatic transmission options, while advanced limited differential slip will come as standard.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Silvia could very well be a hybrid. After all, rumors have it the next Z may be hybrid, so maybe Silvia is in the same boat. If we had our choice, we would love to see the Nissan Stuff Bay machine with fire breathing six out of the GT-R, but it was very unlikely.

The original Silvia was built in the Nissan “S ” chassis, the RWD sports platform first used in 1976 and discontinued in 2002 along with the S15. With that in mind, we wouldn’t be surprised if the new Silvia introduced the fresh architecture to the brand, something that would also be used for the revamped Next-gen Z.

The focus here will obviously be on keeping everything as lightweight as possible, while still keeping everything comfortable in the outback as well. Aluminum will spread throughout, with additional rigid components being offered by means of carbon composites where possible. We also wouldn’t mind if Nissan added the NISMO version with a rigid, more hardcore gear for the suspension and handling to coincide with the more aggressive Aero exterior set-up.

This may ruffle some feathers, but we will speculate the new Silvia will cost somewhere between $35,000 and $40,000.

Granted it will, which is why we want to follow that statement by saying Z will most likely be smaller, lighter, and cheaper with subsequent iterations, perhaps even adopting a four-cylinder engine compared With six historical cylinders. In this case, Silvia will be billed as a more Premium (and faster) choice between the two.

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