New 2022 Nissan Rogue SL Release Date

New 2022 Nissan Rogue SL Release Date

2022 Nissan Rogue SL – The Nissan Rogue under underinsured dramatically. With this new look just entering its second model year, we expect the 2022 Nissan Rogue to be the built-in model.

The new-generation Nissan Rogue delivers a new look for this compact crossover, including a boxier front end, bolder grille, striking LED lighting, and more. No one can call this an evolutionary redesign, and we expect this dramatic new look to remain in Rogue 2022.

2022 Nissan Rogue SL

2022 Nissan Rogue SL
2022 Nissan Rogue SL

Inside, the new generation Rogue is much quieter but still stylish. These include a flat-bottom steering wheel, a gloss black middle stack bezel, a curved dashboard, and other sharp design cues. It gets some narrower colors, faux leather upholstery on the dashboard, and a semi-aniline leather upholstery layered on the higher trim, giving it a more luxurious look. We hope this design does not change in Rogue 2022.

In terms of technology, Rogue 2021 comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, an 8-inch touchscreen, and more. Optionally, buyers can add navigation, adaptive cruise control, Wi-Fi, two rear USB ports, a 360-degree camera, a 9-inch touchscreen, a 12.3-inch digital measuring cluster, a 10.8-inch head-up display, wireless charging and Apple CarPlay, and more. We expect this to remain the same in Rogue 2022.

With the new redesign, the Nissan Rogue compact SUV overcame many of its predecessor’s faults (cheap interiors, unattractive design, and old-fashioned technology) without neglecting the core features of efficiency, value, and spaciousness.

While it still offers a rather tedious driving experience, we hope Rogue 2022 showcases family hospitality with a sharp contemporary style and comprehensive safety features – such as vanilla, Rogue may not be particularly flavorful or bold, but most people will probably like it at least a little.

2022 Nissan Rogue SL Design

In terms of styling, there’s not much wrong with Nissan’s old SUV, but it’s also not very suitable. You can’t say the same about Rogue 2022. From the large V Motion front grille to the upright rear hatch, this new crossover has its own characteristics. The hood features sharp peaks resulting from bold chrome grille accents. The greenhouse ditched some of its predecessor displays, with square-shaped rear door glass and a more vertical hatchback profile.

A nineteen-inch alloy set fills the wheel arches, giving rogue a planted position underlined by sharp fender flares at the front and back – 17 standard on the base model, while the SV gets 18s. The sturdy shoulder line disappears into the rearview mirror mounted on the front door, only to reappear in the middle of the back door as the hips blend seamlessly with the taillights.

The bottom of the door is a slick body contour that somehow gives the Rogue an hourglass figure – for a family vehicle, Nissan’s latest crossover is a beautiful engine, with an unusual-yet-cohesive style, looking like Gallic.

Inside, a redesigned but familiar D-shaped steering wheel appears in front of the driver, facing a pair of analog gauges with a 7.0-inch information display in the center. The wing-shaped stitched dashboard panel provides something passengers can enjoy.

Between them is an 8.0-inch tablet-style infotainment display mounted high, with intuitive automatic climate control underneath. A tall, wide center console with a convincing metallic aluminum-faux-aluminum trim gives the front seat an intimate, cockpit-like feel, with space below for open storage space.

The quality of the material at the front is almost class-leading thanks to the standard SL leather upholstery on the upholstery and steering wheel, with soft-touch plastic appearing on every surface above the knee.

Supposedly, the thin electronic shift selector gave us pause, and the passenger side rearview mirror swirled with worry on a rough road – we don’t remember such a problem on a pristine Mazda CX-5. On the back, the door panels are sculpted with hard plastic, with an armrest with a soft touch. Kids probably won’t notice.

Nissan Rogue SL Comfort

Even though it’s dimmed with some cheap materials, which cabin is almost perfect for a dimmed time. In true Nissan style, the wide front seats get the much-titled “Zero Gravity” chant and are a long way away.

Thickly layered doors and long middle armrests are the motifs, as is a very quiet and quiet journey that barely says anything out of the ordinary. The solution is moreover a very good place for a front seat place for mobile phones, soda glasses, and water bottles – four-door bags, for example, are large enough for a 32-ounce HydroFlask.

In the second row, there’s a small number of us cheering for long-legged passengers, but anyone under 5 feet 10 will feel comfortable back seats for a very long journey. A flat back floor and plenty of legroom under the front seats might be the one to foam at, and the split rear seat backrest that’s a few windy to the maximum degree.

The second line may be suitable for two adults, but three will match a small nagging. Nissan’s black-eye anchor LATCH is in a three-seater position, providing plenty of distance for a growing family.

Head and front legs are more than enough, measuring 39.2 inches and 43.3 inches, respectively, both beat Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. At the back, 37.8 inches of headroom and 38.5 inches of legroom are plenty of room for everyone’s passengers but highest, although the main tearing it turns here is again a lot of space on the metric.

Work for the naughty open and airy greenhouse is more claustrophobic than Honda and Toyota, as well as increasing space in the back.

Rogue alone has 36.9 cubic feet of cargo space with upright seats, less than 39.2 cubic Honda, and 37.6 cubes of Toyota. With the rear seats down, the 72.9 cubic foot Rogue desires between 69.8 RAV4 and 75.8 CR-V. If it doesn’t win in absolute numbers, Nissan remains 20th as well. A cubby in the corner of the cargo area is perfectly sized for a gallon of milk, and the panel let alone the company’s Divide-N-Hide may be some between and the separation of cargo, necessary.

2022 Nissan Rogue SL Interior

2022 Nissan Rogue SL Interior
2022 Nissan Rogue SL Interior

Nissan Rogue SL Technology

Let’s get rid of the bad news first. Wireless CarPlay is available in the new Rogue, but only as part of the SL Premium Plan or by stepping into the high-end Rogue Platinum, and wireless charging is only available in flagship trim.

Otherwise, almost all connectivity features become standard, even on rogue S bases, including intuitive and attractive 8.0-inch infotainment screens, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Overall, the new SUV infotainment package is a big improvement over its predecessor. Mid-level SV and mid-range luxury SL trim add ProPilot Assist technology to the basic content.

Paying more extra money for Rogue Platinum features the wireless technology mentioned above during the trip, as well as a larger 9.0-inch infotainment screen, a fully digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster, and a head-up display.

Platinum also gets embedded navigation, which is integrated into adaptive cruise control to proactively slow down bends on the road. Platinum gets bose audio standard, while SL only offers it as part of the premium trim level plan; we didn’t miss it because the standard system does a decent job of reproducing many different musical styles.

Nissan Rogue SL Performance

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the 2022 Rogue will probably be powered by a 2.5-liter inline-four engine with 181 horsepower and 181 pound-feet. Representing an 11 hp and 6 lb-ft increase over the outgoing Rogue, the additional power is not very noticeable from the driver’s seat, perhaps because it is caught by a continuous variable transmission before heading to the front wheels (our testers don’t have all-wheel drive, which is a reasonable $1,400 option).

All that said, there’s nothing too bad about the way Rogue runs his business. Throttle embedding provides consistent – if gradual – acceleration and the CVT does a decent, drone-free job of transferring power to the wheel. However, the steering is numb accurate, and the brakes are safe and capable. It’s hardly as exciting as driving a Mazda CX-5, but the 2022 Rogue disappears into the background in a good way. There are no obvious drawbacks to distracting its passengers from a quiet and quiet journey.

2022 Nissan Rogue SL Safety

The 2022 Nissan Rogue is almost unmatched in terms of safety. In basic form, it comes with front collision monitoring and automatic emergency braking, lane departure prevention, blind-spot monitoring, rear traffic warning, automatic rear braking, automatic high beams, and a driver alert system.

Stepping into SV or SL trim adds ProPilot Assist, a series of features that include adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and congestion assistance, each doing its job very well, avoiding aggressive acceleration, braking, or steering interventions that support smooth and comfortable input.

Platinum has a Navigation-related ProPilot Assist feature mentioned above. It also adds a deep side airbag between the driver’s and front passenger seats, in addition to a list of driver and front passenger airbags, front knee airbags, front side impacts airbags, and side curtain airbags found on all Rogues.

For those shopping for basic model SUVs, they will find a little more safety content and driver assistance in the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, both of which include adaptive cruise control and lanes centered even on their cheapest trim.

Rogue SL Fuel Economy

Reaching 26 miles per gallon of the city, 34 highways, and 29 combined, the front-wheel-drive Nissan Rogue is relatively efficient. Some of the traffic-heavy routes showed the fuel economy we showed dropped to 24 or 25 mpg, but nailing 32 mpg for 400 miles with Rogue was pretty easy.

In fairness to its competitors, Rogue appears rather short. The CR-V and RAV4 both achieved a combined 30 mpg thanks to improved city and highway ratings, while the Ford Escape achieved a combined 30 mpg despite poorer highway fuel economy than the Rogue. Nissan outperformed Mazda in this metric; the CX-5 front-wheel drive gets 25 cities, 31 highways, and 28 mpg combined.

2022 Nissan Rogue Price and Release Date

There is no official sales date for the Nissan Rogue 2022, but we expect summer or autumn 2021 arrivals based on previous release schedules.

Pricing is also not available. As a built-in vehicle, we expect the price to remain close to the current model of $26,745 to $37,925 (including destination costs) MSRP.


This compact crossover will fight the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, and Ford Escape.

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