New 2022 Nissan GTR Get More Powertrain Update

New 2022 Nissan GTR Get More Powertrain Update

New 2022 Nissan GTR Get More Powertrain Update – The next Generation GT-R performance Coupe is not expected to be ready before the next decade’s turn. But fans of sports models are finding waiting to be irresistible long, apparently.

Nissan is responding to a violent demand by promising a concept car that will omen the next GT-R, perhaps with a hope that will soothe the spirit of GT-R Fanatics.

New 2022 Nissan GTR Get More Powertrain Update

New 2022 Nissan GTR Get More Powertrain Update
New 2022 Nissan GTR Get More Powertrain Update


2022 Nissan GTR Concept

In all seriousness, the cars have in fact ensured that it will be put forward, before introducing the next production version of the GT-R, a concept car that will give anticipation of what the performance of car lovers can expect.

The news was confirmed by Alfonso Albaisa, Senior vice president of global design at Nissan at a recent event in India, in an interview with IndianAutosBlog. The next GT-R will not take the inspiration of the limited edition GT-R50 concept recently made by the company in cooperation with the Italdesign company.

Whether it is true or not, this model is highly anticipated and enjoys the following cult. We know it will be built on a new platform, and it is not impossible that it will be electrically powered in some form or another. It is a safe bet that if the entry of the battery serves to improve performance, they will be there in the production version.

Nowadays, Nissan engineers work well-tuning architectural details that will support the new GT-R, as well as mechanical components that will power it. Once these elements are nailed, it will be possible to move on to the project design stage.

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And in that, Alfonso Albaisa was preaching patience. Referring to the design process Tha Twill leads to the final physical model, he warns “We’re not even close to that yet”.

If we are a bet type, we will place our money in 2021 or 2022 launching a window for the production of the next GT-R model.

Nissan is currently celebrating the five-decade GT-R with its debut 2020 GT-R 50th Edition at the 2019 New York Auto Show. While we are pleased to see Nissan pay tribute to one of Japan’s largest sports cars of all time, you will be forgiven for saying that the car drags its feet when it comes to introducing a new generation to Godzilla.

However, the latest comment made by some of the high-level people in the food chain Nissan company seems to indicate that the company does work to PIN down exactly what R36 will bring to the table, including the choice of electrical power, handling upgrades, and possibly even self-driving capabilities.

Unfortunately, we still have nothing solid to continue when looking forward to R36, beyond some rumors, speculation, and “Wouldn’t it be better ” scenario from fans, ie. However, some speculation that sounded quite promising.

One of the biggest is the question that is left R36 will get under the hood. Most expect some form of electrical aid, and now we get additional evidence to support that notion.

2022 Nissan GTR Interior

New 2022 Nissan GTR Interior
New 2022 Nissan GTR Interior

New 2022 Nissan GTR Get More Powertrain Update

All said, the next GT-R will almost certainly be a big update over the current model. Consider how the R35 generation introduces new V-6 engines, new automatic transmissions, and all-wheel drive new systems without the R34’s four-wheel steering wheel.

What’s more, an electric motor or two will help to fill the torque curve of the High-Boost engine, spooling up the big Turbo with no associated lag.

It’s true that upgrades like this add significant weight, but you should consider the GT-R already rather fat (GT-R Tips are currently weighing at 3,836 pounds), so we doubt adding an electric drive system would ruin the fun.

GT-R has long been a Top-shelf sports car that anyone can ride into and post-time impressive rounds. And though it may sound, autonomous technology can be that natural evolution.

When R32 was introduced, the high-tech all-wheel-drive ATTESA system helped him dominate it on the track-so much so, the GT-R banned from the Australian Touring Car Racing.

2022 Nissan GTR Engine

The more interesting Nuggets of information comes with a rumored GT-R weapon. According to the same source, R36 will display the tuned version of the R35 GT-R 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 which will be powered by electric motors. The Drive will go to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The combined power (gasoline and electricity) is estimated to amount to approximately 786bhp and 737lb ft torque. This figure will make new cars 199bhp and 256lb ft more powerful than the most potent version of the NISMO of the current car that produces 587bhp and 481lb ft.

Thanks to the widespread use of R36 ‘ s lightweight carbon fiber, we can also see the highest speeds exceeding 230mph and a 0-62mph time of about 2.5 seconds (EST).

Along with the changes under the new Supercar skin, styling R36’s will be more radical than ever. Hybrid technology and power and performance enhancement mean a greater need for aerodynamics and cooling, which is why the body will feature larger cooling channels and a more slick body to reduce barriers.

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