2021 Nissan GTR Track Edition Powertrain

2021 Nissan GTR Track Edition Powertrain

For 2020, the Nissan GT-R Track Edition features a healthy injection NISMO tuning to make it a remarkable blend of GT-R modesty and the GT-R NISMO major performance. Interior, Track Edition fixed everything the driver wanted, with a unique red and black interior featuring Recaro® a very supportive front seat with your hard-wire for the experience.

For fans of GT-R, Nissan is still continuing to offer 2007-introducing models, it’s own concept development car that displayed way back in 2001. This can quite be said the idea of R35 generation GT-R is approaching two decades, and enhancements will see the car entering another year’s model.

2021 Nissan GTR Track Edition Powertrain

2021 Nissan GTR Track Edition Powertrain
2021 Nissan GTR Track Edition Powertrain

2021 Nissan GTR Track Edition Specs

2021 GT-R is available in four specifications, as previously sub-$100000 “Pure ” Old models passed. Available Car 2020 GT-R Premium, registered at $115,235 with shipping included; The $123,735 50th Anniversary Edition is based on premiums but adds special color and cut combinations (blue, white and silver exterior paints; gray interiors; and special edition details), $147,235 Track Edition and $212,435 NISMO.

While hardcore, 600-horsepower 2020 NISMO GT-R is now almost $100k more expensive than the Premium base, you don’t have to go for a range-topping model to get a true Godzilla-spec figure horse. For 2020, the Track edition benefited from the same machine.

2021 Nissan GTR Track Edition Horsepower

In the previous year, it was based on the 565-Horsepower “Ordinary ” GT-R model but now gets a healthy lump in power. Given the price difference between NISMO and Track Edition, the latter seems to be picking from a bunch if it’s the strength you’re looking for.

The 2021 Track Edition is said to be more rigid and lighter than premium and gets NISMO-tuned suspension and special wheels and Recaro seats. The turbocharger design of the NISMO, and therefore Track Edition, is said to be taken from the GT-R GT3 racing car, offering an enhanced response.

2021 Nissan GTR Track Edition Powertrain

2021 GT-R, no doubt in the dusk of the year, can do with some increased sales. Here’s hoping the added Track Edition of NISMO-Ness will serve to do that: 2019 sales have seen a slump compared to the last few years, which has already significantly dropped from the heyday of the model. While 2017 and 2018 saw some mediocre sales months for the GT-R, the 18 Nissan cars sold in May 2019 presented a new low for the model-especially as the 74 GT-RS that sold last May.


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