2023 Nissan Juke: What We Know So Far

2023 Nissan Juke

2023 Nissan Juke – Japanese car manufacturers already have some big plans for the Juke, which will soon materialize when the car hits the road.

The car, however, will most likely be produced on an extended version of the RENAULT-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance CMF platform.

2023 Nissan Juke

2023 Nissan Juke
2023 Nissan Juke

The three giants individually have an undated reputation for producing some of the best cars the world has ever seen. So, with a combination of the three, the vehicle to be built with the same module will surely surprise.

Juke is expected to be delivered in several variants according to the type of engine. The Nissan Juke has been on the grass for more than a decade now but rarely has anyone disappointed. With the latest larger body concept instilled in the newest generation, Nissan is ready to launch it superbly.

Nissan Juke Exterior Design

The Juke is one of the smallest SUVs ever made by the Japanese car manufacturer. This adorable compact crossover has surprised many since its launch more than a decade ago.

Despite having other competitors, the Nissan Juke has become the mass’s top choice due to its shape and reliability. With the latest models, it looks like it’s getting better.

Juke to have a larger body than previous generations. Which does not imply that the SUV will look great. It will still hit the streets with a not-so-big but powerful look.

Juke has taken inspiration from his brother, the Micra, and will get a Gril V-motion hatchback, giving it a bigger front view. Besides, the car’s rear should be removed from the excess length and is expected to have a more angled and chiseled profile.

Nissan Juke Model

There is a debate around upcoming car variants. Although there is still no actual confirmation, the car is expected to be delivered in three different variants. The first is a petrol variant that will have a turbocharged 1-liter engine.

The model will produce up to 115 bhp of power and be packed with a six-speed manual transmission box to complement the engine. The new Juke will reach 60mph from 0 in just 10.4 seconds.

Another variant of the Juke will pack a 1.5-liter diesel engine that produces 109bhp of power under its hood. None of these two models will have a four-wheel drive.

Nissan is believed to have ordered all-wheel-drive for a higher variant that will offer an automatic transmission. There is speculation as to the fact that Juke will have an electric or hybrid engine.

However, Nissan has not made a statement about it. Still, given the company’s rigorous research and testing with electric vehicles, it is not the least likely to have a hybrid engine packaged in the Juke.

2023 Nissan Juke Interior

The Juke has undergone some significant changes and will be launched as a sportier version than its predecessor.

The sides and front have a more angular appeal; similarly, the car must have a greater wheelbase. In addition to all this, the vehicle must have a lightweight yet sturdy shape.

The inside of the Nissan Juke was created, taking into account the modern design philosophy. The interior of the car is not cluttered with facilities that confuse the driver. It will come with a touch screen in the middle that serves as a guide and an infotainment device.

On both sides, next to each other, is a smooth curved C-shaped air vent. Underneath, there are many controls to control the function of the car. Similarly, the steering wheel should be equipped with some powers that are easy to interpret.

Interior colors may vary according to the model and exterior color of the car. While there aren’t many fancy things in it, it does the necessary work without chaos or unnecessary traffic, delivering a minimalist result.

2023 Nissan Juke Interior
2023 Nissan Juke Interior

Nissan Juke Technology

Infotainment system

NissanConnect built-in Nissan Juke uses Nissan’s advanced technology. Besides, the app allows you to access NissanConnect Services, such as Apple CarPlay ™, Google Home ™, and even Wi-Fi to keep you informed, entertained, and updated. Nissan Intelligent integration keeps you in sync with the world around you as you go through it.

Apple CarPlay ™ or Android Auto ™ integrate your smartphone into the drive – for an easier and safer ride. Your Nissan JUKE can even act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to connect to multiple devices.

NissanConnect delivers incredible power in your hands with an easy-to-use app. Your app will tell you where your car is parked, how many miles/km you can do with the rest of the fuel. You can check if your door is locked, and if necessary, you can lock it remotely.


Available in DCT transmissions, ProPILOT helps your new Nissan Juke keep its distance from the car in front based on traffic flow.

It can even stop completely and can take you back to speed when traffic starts moving again. ProPILOT helps you stay centered in your path through straight roads and even through sloping bends on open roads.


To read road signs and see vehicles at blind spots, even helping you spot pedestrians or cyclists who might be blocking your path, the Next Generation Nissan Juke will notice you.


Afraid there’s no parking lot. Intelligent Around View Monitor is an advanced camera system that gives you a 360° view of your car, with selectable focus on the front, rear, and curbs views to help you park with confidence and control.

2023 Nissan Juke Price

It is expected that Juke’s new generation will be slightly more expensive than its predecessor. With a new design, powerful technology, and luxury packed in the car, the Juke will be priced starting at about $20,000. With its variants and specifications, the numbers may differ slightly, though not broadly.

Being one of the most trusted car manufacturers worldwide, Nissan will likely deliver more than they expected with the new generation of Juke.

While the Japanese car giant wants to seize the global market with its new launch, it may have to watch out for its equally stunning competitors, if not more.

2023 Nissan Juke Competitors

Some possible contenders for the Juke are the Renault Captur, Skoda Kamiq, Citroen C3 Aircross, and Jeep Renegade.

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